Track Rules

Don’t Get DQ’d. Know the Rules of the Road.

  1. All Drivers must sign up before you are allowed to paractice, this will be strictly enforeced.

  2. 2 cell lip or 7cell Nihm Max battery for all classes.

  3. Lipo Sack must be used during charging! NO EXCEPTIONS.

  4. 20amp max charge rate for all batteries. This will be strictly enforced.

  5. 8.44 max voltage. Will be randomly checked each round and before all mains.

  6. Any rubber tire is allowed.

  7. No foam tires allowed.

  8. No traction additives on tires.

  9. 10th scale maximum.

  10. All Drivers must turn marshal after their race. For any reason a driver is unable to marshal, please notify the staff and a substitute will be made available.

  11. No D3.5 motors allowed in spec classes. See ROAR for permitted motors and batteries. All  other ROAR Rules apply.