Off Road Parties

Ready. Set. Party.

Dunn Raceway Park is an indoor R/C racing facility located in Old Forge, PA. Better known as DRP, we host the best birthday party experience in the area. With a structured 2 hour party format, it feels as though the racing action is non-stop. Kids have a blast wheeling a radio controlled off road race truck around our huge indoor r/c race course. Hit the jumps, bumps and turns for a great time to be enjoyed by kids of all ages.

Parties are held on Sundays (when available) from noon-2pm or 3pm-5pm. Don’t be late for the drivers meeting, because the fun starts here.

Party Package*


2hr Party

Up to 10 Drivers

(additional per driver charge above 10)

Race Trucks, ready to hit the road

Pizza & Soda/Juice

(1 tray (12 slices) and 2 beverage pitchers)

All Plate ware for party

Party Hostess & Race Assistant


Off Road Extras

Add on drivers

$24.95/per Driver

Tray Pizza


Pitcher of Soda/Juice


3’x4’ Personalized Banner


Official DRP Postcard Invitations

$11.95/per 10

Contact us at (570) 562-6342 or email

* $50 deposit required to book party. Deposits may be refunded up to one week before booked date. Cake and decorations not included, but you are welcome to bring decor and dessert you would like to location.